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About Aubrey Busek

Aubrey Busek is a multimedia artist and designer based in Charlotte, NC USA. She focuses on costume design and wearable art creation along with cosplay. Aubrey grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and attended University of North Carolina School of the Arts in her middle and high school years as a dance major. During her education there, she fostered a love for all types of art as well as a strong work ethic and passion for her work. Though Aubrey loved dance, she most loved the aspect of performance, being on stage, and making people feel emotion through art. She also loved costume, and the ability to transform into a character during a performance. Aubrey always had a strong sense of personal style, and loved the ability to express herself through fashion. This drove her to make the decision to attend Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta, and pursue her BFA in fashion design, which she received in 2014. Aubrey's experience at SCAD made her a confident and driven designer with a strong sense of personal aesthetic, and helped her hone her design and crafting abilities. During college, Aubrey interned for a public relations firm in London to learn more about the business and marketing side of the fashion industry. This experience greatly aided her in becoming a well-rounded artist and business owner. Post graduation, Aubrey created her namesake brand. She experimented with creating ready-to-wear collections as well as stand alone demi-couture pieces, but always felt that her true passions lie in more costume design and wearable art. More than anything, she herself loves to embody and create characters, thus her delving into cosplay in 2018. She is heavily influenced by historical fashion, fantasy and sci-fi literature and mythology, comic books and graphic novels, film, and art history. Aubrey focuses on bringing her signature hyper-feminine dreamlike aesthetic into every piece, and a combination of modern and historical techniques such as hand embroidery, beading, and sculpture to compliment the beautiful textiles that she works with. She continues her studies with classes in traditional corset making and millinery to supplement her design education. Thus we enter the current stage of the brand where Aubrey is creating costume as well as fashion pieces, chainmail jewelry, headpieces, hats and more.